Heavy Metal

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Dreadnoughts Galore {click on ship's photo to view history & specs}

Extensive Ship Photos Below You Tube Player , Counter  & Feedjit

 Battleships and Carriers-great website

2 Columns of ladies below [some of my favorites]

Ship histories available by clicking on pictures

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Yamashiro, Fuso, & Hyuga

CVN 77 USS George H. W. Bush[ see stuff]

USS Ronald Reagan

USS Alaska

KMS Gneisenau

USS Colorado

HMS Inflexible

HMS Hood

IJNS Yamato


USS Kearsarge

USS Missouri

IJNS Nagato


SMS Seydlitz

USS Keokuk

USS Alabama

USS Constitution "Old Ironsides"

HMS Nelson

USS Wisconsin

USS Texas

SMS Bayern

USS Iowa [1984]

HMS Warspite


KMS Bismarck

SMS Seeadler

HMS Lion

Plying her trade