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Of my own devising...

Spell List

  Invocation Of The Great Bear
I Invoke You [Un]Holy Ones,Mighty
Majestic,Glorious Luminaries
[Un]Holy & Earthborn,Mighty Arch
Daemons;Dwellers In Chaos,
...Erebus, & The Unfathomable
Abyss...Guardians of Secrets
Captains Of The Hosts Of Hell...
Perform My Commands.
 Love Spell
 Shin Aleph Hey
Most High,Bring to me,
my destiny,my delight
my happiness,my sunshine,
...my love...
I have waited for her[him]
& thank you for her[his] perfection,
Thank You, Jah
Shin Aleph Hey
For Those Who Help Me To Prosperity,
Unto Them Fine Blessings Be-
For Those Who Make Me Scratch,
May All Their Schemes Go To Crap.
So mote it be 
 Health & Vitality
Oh Spirit,
Hear my plea,
take away my infirmities,give me back my vitality
& even immortality,
...I thank Thee,
By the Law of 3,
So Mote It Be
 Victory, I ask,
Victory over this obstacle
or that challenge, This demon or that
Through storm or spat,
Over all manner of brats
...By the law of 3, Victory!
For the good of all, By Yahweh!
So Mote It Be
Let me see
Your promises to be
Thy fruit is my fruit
So I can feed my family & friends
Happiness without end
Utmost gratitude I offer Thee
Thank you
So mote it be


Immortality be on this one! He/She is a sharer of the Sun's everlasting life. Indra & Agni have blessed, and have taken him/her into immortality.Bhaga & Soma are with him/her, carrying him/her high, to prolong his/her days.

There will be no danger of death. This world will keep you, forever, rise up! The Sun & Wind & rain are all with thee!

Thy body shall be strong & unaffected by any disease.

Life will be thine, I promise it; enter this ascending, never perishing, age old chariot.

Savitar, the saver, will guard thee, taking into converse

The Great Vayu, of the living, Indra; & strength & breath shall be with thee; the spirit of life will ever remain.

No illness shall touch thee; all powers are on thy side.


 You Are Accountable For All Conscious And Subconcious Intentions

I do not believe in anything. I know what I know [gnosis]& I postulate hypothesis that may or may not enter into my system of adopted beliefs as theories when they have been tested. There are no Gods or demons except those i have been conditioned into acknowledging & those I have created myself. I create & destroy beliefs according to their usefulness. In the words of the wise- nothing is true , everything is permitted, provided it interferes with no one.

Spirit Groups

1] The Supreme Intelligence

2] Angelic or Celestial Intelligences

3] Spirits of the planets

4] Spirits of the dead